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:: How do I enroll?

If you’ve ever applied to college, you probably know the frustration of the admission’s process. Usually, you have to submit an essay revealing your intent, then you must arrange to have 3 letters of recommendation sent, then you might have to take an exam to bypass prerequisite classes, then you’ll need to send grades and other forms by the deadline. It can get hectic. But, at Georgia Medical Institute, we’ve made the admissions process painless.

So, here’s how it works:

STEP 1 – Complete the Online Application

Once you complete the interview, you’ll be asked to fill-out our online application form. The application is available on our website, and we’ll email you a link to the page. Since the application process is online, there’s no need to print and mail anything back to us. Once you press the submit button, we’ll receive the application. It’s that simple.

STEP 2– Telephone Interview

Before enrolling with Georgia Medical Institute, we want to talk with you about your education and career objectives. We also want to make sure that you get your questions answered. During this interview, you’ll also have the opportunity to speak with a financial aid representative to discuss your financial aid options.

STEP 3 – Assessment Examination

Applicants who have completed the ACT with a score of at least 15, or the SAT with a score of at least 700, will not be required to complete the assessment examination. All others are required to successfully complete an assessment examination. This standardized, nationally-normed examination is administered by the College, and is designed to further ensure that the applicant has the skills necessary to pursue a college level program.

STEP 4 – Complete the Financial Aid Application

If you decide on applying for financial aid, you’ll then be emailed a link to fill-out our online financial aid questionnaire. Our online application is an easy way for us to help determine how much financial aid you will receive.

Step 5 – Complete the Enrollment Application

After you ’ve completed the online and financial aid application, you only need to fill-out the Enrollment Packet and send in the $25 dollar registration fee. That’s it!